Is your mouth your worst enemy or best friend?

There is no need for me to condemn you; you are condemned by every word you speak.
Job 15:6 GNB

Your words will be used to judge you — to declare you either innocent or guilty.”

Matthew 12:37 GNB

Each and every day we speak so many words. 

If we would count the number of words an average person speaks per day it would be around 2000 – 5000 words a day. 

With all those words being spoken either consciously or unconscious, they have a very huge impact in our lives and also spiritual lives.

Our theme verse states that words that come from our mouths can condemn us. This is very scary since no one will condemn us except ourselves. Our mouths can turn out to be our number one enemy if used wrongly. 

On the other hand our mouths can be our greatest deliverer. Jesus said in Mathew 12:37 that by our words we shall be justified or condemned. The choice is ours. 

We are called to check our speech. Ephesians says that we should impart grace to all that listens to us. 

Most of the time people use their mouths to torment ourselves and also others.

May you use your mouth to your advantage and not your disadvantage. 

Questions to ponder:

  1. Do my words condemn or justify me?
  2. Is my mouth my best friend or my worst enemy?
  3. If God answered all my words would I be happy or angry, expectant or anxious?
  4. Am I conscious of the words I speak everyday?
  5. Would I be able to be accountable of each word I speak?