Know When To Prepare


“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)


Prayer Point:

In the name of Jesus, I uproot and destroy vain labor, non-profitable enterprises and foolish errands by the Fire of God. I will not serve mammon and be chained to the wicked taskmaster of unending debt in the name of Jesus. Let the chain break by Fire! Let the yoke be lifted now in the name of Jesus!
By the superior sacrifice of the Blood of Jesus, I command my immediate release and the return of all my stolen goods, misplaced blessings, misappropriated or diverted opportunities with immediate effect now in the name of Jesus! I decree by Divine Authority I will not be sleeping when I should be working, I will not be complaining when I should be providing a solution, I will not be absent when I should be present in the moment and I will be available to be used by God at any time for any good work.

By the superior Blood of Jesus, I cut off any door or gateway of access the enemy uses to access me and distract, delay or deny me of receiving my harvest sowing my seeds in the time of sowing and harvesting. I deploy the supreme counsel of Jehovah and the Higher Law of Mercy to overturn the counsel of the wicked that denies me access to doors of prosperity. Let the trusted weapon the enemy uses to put me to sleep and cause me to be complacent when I should be pushing and struggling to break free, let that weapon be taken out of his hand in the name of Jesus.