Overcoming Fear


Fear limits us, for we no longer pursue, question and advance because of it. Out of fear, there is cowardice, worries and standstills. We all had experienced fear before, whether the fear of what the future will be or the fear of death itself. With so much limitation from fear, overcoming fear itself is a goal for everyone to pursue.

Overcoming fear is like overcoming yourself. To overcome it is to move forward. To be scared of it is to move backwards. Your life will eventually be at a standstill in some point in time because of it. If fear holds you back, your life will never be free. If fear doesn’t hold you back, your life will become an adventure every step of the way.

There is a way to overcome fear, for it is psychological sensation from not knowing the future. Only by letting go of control will fear become obsolete. To over think the unknown creates fear of not knowing what to expect. Let go of your thoughts and your control. Only then will you be able to overcome fear and be at peace with yourself.