Overcoming temptation

overcoming temptation

Temptation is mankind’s oldest problem; it dates back to the Garden of Eden where the enemy successfully tempted Eve.

Satan throughout life will bombard us with negative thoughts, images & we must be diligent to guard our minds & control our thought life so that we don’t give in to temptations.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy we give the devil a footstool. Satan will take advantage of any open door we give him e.g. wrong attitude, anger or unforgiveness, watching something that you shouldn’t be watching.

Any compromising situation you put yourself in or any weakness that he sees in your character he will try as hard to use that to lower you off God’s path.

Something’s we can’t control them – we live in a negative society, Satan is god of this world. But we give him an advantage by not being careful and diligent in the areas we can control.

We make it very difficult for ourselves all because we lack discipline. In areas of what we watch and what we listen are common areas we give the enemy a foot-hole. Here we face unnecessary temptations, hardships & trials all because we don’t exercise Godly restraint when it comes to choosing our entertainment. We are not selective about what we watch.

Philippians4:8 – Don’t fill your mind with all kinds of junk (thoughts of lust, greed, and compromise) do your best to keep your thought life pure. You can’t watch a movie or programmed filled with filth and expect to remain pure and holy based on things of God.

Mark7:20 – If you let the enemy control & dominate your thought life then you will let him control & dominate your life. Your life will always follow your thought life. If you allow the enemy to pollute your thought life by dwelling on the wrong thoughts then you are allowing him to poison your life. Our actions follow our thoughts.

Advertisers use a lot of money to advertise they know that we are influenced by what we hear and see. They look for reach or frequency; experts say it’s better to have high frequency than high reach. They know the more we hear the more likely we are to respond.

If you keep on putting trash in eventually we will remove trash (GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out). The more you watch something the more it will have impact on you. The more you watch something the more you become comfortable with that thing and finally you become desensitized.

The enemy tells us that a little sin or compromise is not bad but remember one temptation leads to a chain of temptation. E.g. David with Uriah’s wife.

Psalms 101:3



The battle is in the mind 2 cor 10:5

How do I become free from filthy minds/imaginations?

  • Remove all filthy thoughts Jer4:14,6:19
  • Demolish what the devil has set up in your life or it will demolish you Rm12:1,8:6-7
  • Get the word of God in your life Jer23:29 – use all 5 senses to internalize the word
    • Ps119:130
    • Ps119:11
    • PS37:31

You know you are spiritually healthy by:

  • You want to feed on the word.
  • A sick spirit doesn’t have appetite – just like the way if you don’t want to eat anything you will suspect you are sick the same case should happen if you lose the appetite the word of God and prayer.

NB: When you neglect to read the word of God the next thing is you will start having a filthy mind. Reading the word of God helps you have new thoughts and since it’s a fire and hammer it will crash the filth in your mind.

You internalize the word using all your senses through – the more body parts you use the better you recall.

  • Read the word aloud
  • Use your finger to scroll through the Bible in your phone/tablet/hardcopy Bible.

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