Prayer against counsel & words 


​Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.

Isaiah 8:10 KJV
Make plans for battle, but they will never succeed. Give orders, but they won’t be carried out, because God is with us!

Isaiah 8:10 GW

The enemy is always planning evil against your life. Satan hates you & me with perfect hatred. 

Never engage with the enemy like he is your friend. He attack’s you and plans all evil against you continually. 

In today’s verse we learn that the enemy can take counsel against you. This counsel is advice, plans to destroy, sabotage, disgrace you and your family.

We also see the enemy issues decrees against us. This are curses, spells that will work against you.

Our Lord is so faithful He tells us that those counsels shall be brought to nothing & the decrees given shall not stand. 

Be encouraged since the Lord is with you nothing shall in anyway harm you.


  1. I decree & declare that all satanic plans against my life be destroyed in Jesus name.
  2. I loose myself from all powers of darkness against me in Jesus name.
  3. In the name of Jesus I cancel every negative word & orders, decrees, curses said against me & my family I nullify them. Hear the Word of the Lord speak the word & it shall not stand for God is with us. 
  4. Every counsel that has been taken or is under way to be taken against my life, family, business, work, destiny, finances & anything that concerns me be brought to nothing, be broken in pieces in Jesus mighty name.
  5. I shall never be disadvantaged by the enemy in Jesus name. 
  6. I thank you Lord for answering my prayer & justifying me by my words according to Mathew 12:37 in Jesus name I pray, Amen